New Studio Policy for 2017

Hello to all students and parents,

Welcome back and best wishes for a safe, happy and productive new year. As my practice has continued to grow, it has become necessary to adopt a new studio policy for voice lessons and Music Therapy. I took great care in writing a policy that is fair and organized. It is included here for those that may be visiting the site for the first time. I will be providing a hard copy for everyone over the next few days. Please take a few minutes to read it and let me know if you have any questions.


Kelly Summer


Music Lessons/ Music Therapy sessions are billed monthly.

 Tuition is due the first week of every month. 

Tuition is based on how many lessons/ Music Therapy sessions are scheduled. For example – if your regularly scheduled time is on a Monday there may be 4 Mondays in the calendar month. Please pay for 4 lessons if that is the case. If there are 5 lessons scheduled in a calendar month, please pay for 5 lessons/Music Therapy sessions during the first week (tuition week). 


Your lesson time is specifically reserved for you.  My time is specifically reserved for you. Last minute cancellations result in a loss of time, money and MUSIC! Please observe this attendance policy so that we can spend more time learning and making music. I would much rather teach a lesson than have an empty lesson spot due to an absence. Timely communication is appreciated.  I am available by phone or text message. Thank you for your understanding.

1. Students are expected to arrive on time! If a student is running late, it will result in a shortened lesson.

2. Cancellations: A  cancellation occurs when a student does not attend the lesson and does not call/text to reschedule within the 12 hour window required. If you are unable to attend your lesson , you MUST call or text me to reschedule the night before. Cancellations result in the loss of your tuition for that lesson/ session. 

3. With prior notice of 12 hours or more, make-up lessons can be scheduled.

4. Make-up lessons:  All make-up lessons must be scheduled in the same calendar month as the absence or the lesson/tuition will be forfeited. Your lesson spot is being held for you – excessive make-ups result in loss of time and money for both parties. If you would like to reschedule (with at least 12 hours notice) call or text me and we can find a new time that works for both parties. I will make every effort to find a make-up time; however scheduling can be difficult and may be impossible within the month. Please keep rescheduling to a minimum. 

*If you need to reschedule and it happens to be the last week of the month, a make-up lesson can scheduled for the following week. 

*Emergencies, of course, will be taken into consideration.


My practice philosophy is as follows: If you practice, you will make progress.  If you do not practice, you will make some progress, but it will be very slow. Private voice/music instruction is a commitment of time and money. Why not make it worthwhile? Practice!!

 Studio Grounds:

Children MUST be supervised at all times! If siblings are present when dropping off or picking up your student,   please take precautions to make sure that they are safe. Do not allow them to engage in any unsafe behavior.

When it is time for your lesson, please walk through the side gate and around to where the studio door is. 

Feel free to sit on the back deck before or during lessons if the weather is nice. If you should elect to sit outside during your child’s lesson, the deck is an ideal location to read, relax, etc. If you are seated in the garden area, you may see some squirrels, birds, or the occasional kitties passing by. DO NOT FEED SQUIRRELS! They are used to people and can be aggressive if you feed them. 


The restroom is located inside my home. Students and parents are welcome to use the facilities if needed. Just let me know if you need to go inside. Parents, please accompany kids into the restroom. Thank you for helping keep everyone safe. 





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