A Bit About Me . . .

Kelly Summer is a highly experienced voice teacher, singer/songwriter, and music therapist based in Long Beach, CA. With over 30 years of dedicated involvement in performing, writing, and teaching, Kelly is a master teacher and a seasoned professional musician.

Kelly’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Vocal Jazz from the University of Southern California, where she refined her skills and deepened her understanding of the art form. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Vocal Jazz from the University of Miami, where she began to develop her musical expertise.

Chapter Two

The Healing power of Music

Kelly’s passion for the therapeutic power of music led her to pursue a Music Therapy degree from California State University, Northridge. With over 15 years of clinical experience as a music therapist, she has witnessed firsthand the profound impact music can have on individuals’ well-being and personal growth. This expertise informs her teaching approach, enabling her to connect with her students on a deeper level and provide a holistic learning experience.