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“Listening to music while drawing can help you to express yourself and find deeper connections and self awareness”

What Are creative Arts Birthing Classes?

Creative arts birthing is a birth preparation class series inspired, designed and taught by birth professionals who are trained in the arts. It integrates forms of creative expression including: drawing, sculpting, painting, journaling, movement, songwriting, toning, and music improvisation during the time of pregnancy in preparation for the birth experience.

Waltzing on a Heartstring – Theo Bishop

Music, in particular touches our core, our inner being, and our soul. Music experiences can open up our spirituality because they are based in vibration – the root of all creation.

Creative arts experiences are :

All around us, are an active and natural part of our daily lives, can be joyous and pleasurable, and can build self-confidence, emotional strength, and physical strength.

Birthing persons are invited to attend a class series with their birth partners at the beginning third trimester of pregnancy. Creative Arts Birthing is a process and a journey, open to all those who desire a holistic, informative, innovative and dynamic birth preparation experience.

If you are interested in Creative Arts Birthing classes, please fill out a contact form, located in the “Contact” tab of this website.

A schedule of classes will be forwarded to you.