ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT skills any singer can have is the ability to accompany yourself!  Proficiency on an instrument is a very powerful tool for performing, writing, and practice. You don’t have to be a virtuoso to make beautiful music….

ACOUSTIC GUITAR is a favorite with musicians who love to sing, write, and perform. It’s a versatile instrument that is ideal for almost any situation. 

GUITAR LESSONS INCLUDE THE BASICS…Care and maintenance of your instrument, tuning, basic chord structures, and strumming styles are a few things that you will learn.

WHAT MAKES GUITAR LESSONS FOR SINGERS UNIQUE is the emphasis on accompaniment skills. This may include changing the key of your song either with a capo, or by transposing the song and playing the correct chords for the new key.  A variety of strumming styles and skills can also open up a world of choices with regard to musical style. Play rock, folk, reggae, or country music with ease. 

PIANO is the instrument of choice for singers who want to delve more deeply into music theory, composition, and arranging as well as accompaniment and performance.

PIANO LESSONS INCLUDE: traditional piano methods up to level 3, keyboard theory for singers, chord symbols and easy voicings, learning to hear the chord progressions of familiar songs, and sight-reading.

WHAT MAKES PIANO LESSONS FOR SINGERS UNIQUE is the emphasis on practical use and the ability to write, arrange, and compose early on. You will gain a working knowledge of the instrument using basic skills that are easily within reach with a little practice.

UKULELE IS FUN! Lightweight, versatile, easy on the fingers, and very user friendly. The instrument of choice for singers who want to participate in,  or lead sing-alongs with friends in casual settings. This traditional instrument is also a powerful writing and accompaniment tool. 

UKULELE LESSONS INCLUDE tuning, all basic chord structures, and strumming styles. Learn to play single note melodies on the easy-to-navigate fretboard. 

WHAT MAKES UKULELE LESSONS FOR SINGERS UNIQUE is the emphasis on the incredible versatility of this amazing instrument. For singers, this is quite possible one of the easiest and most versatile tools you can use. You will have a writing tool, self accompaniment companion, and a travel companion almost instantaneously.