This is one of my favorite topics…. One of my favorite things about teaching is encouraging students to explore their voices – Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced professional. As singers this means we are going to be making all kinds of noises with our voices. Over the years I have found that people get REALLY self conscious about this.

“Oh no, my voice cracked!” Yes… did, and it will crack many more times until you find the sound you are looking for. Do piano players and trumpet players get embarrassed and crawl under a rock every time they play a wrong note? Not usually, and neither should you.

SINGING IS WEIRD. Singers whine, cry, yodel, grunt, growl, hum, fry, sigh, talk and scream. The thing is…people LOVE listening to us.

As singers we have to experiment like this because we play an instrument that we cannot see. We learn by sound and by feel. The vocal studio is you safe space to explore these sounds. As you get comfortable with your instrument , you will magically find that you are gaining confidence in yourself. Your voice is a part of you and there is no other voice like it in the world. Getting to know YOUR voice is also getting to know yourself. That’s how it works.

I am really looking forward to guiding you on this journey. So prepare to get weird 🙂